Jeremy P. Boggess

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Redemption of one’s soul can often be found in reflection, in times such as these.

Redemption is not found in meditation, books, or in words, but in actions.


If the majority of the world is considered to be sane with all of its close-mindedness, hatred, control, self-centeredness, and we consider this normal, then what a frightening world we live in indeed as we freefall into the future. …

When the whole world is an asylum, sometimes it is best to pretend to be a patient.

Sometimes I wish I were insane and not just seeing with open eyes. For, if I am truly sane, then the atrocities of the world are real.

Sometimes we often distinguish between insanity and sanity by what is expected of us in the contemporary time.

Many of our current beliefs and concepts of sanity, truth and morality are defined only by our current understandings of perception.

It is time to stop the insanity of inhumanity.

We have been conditioned to survive, to take, and conquer or be conquered.
… The evolutionary traits that once were our greatest assets for survival are now some of our worst liabilities. …

Is control an illusion, or a self-made perception of the moment?

When we are wounded like an animal, we can become like an animal.

A man who has never had to worry about going without shoes cannot teach another man how to get them.

Violence and control are taught in words, as well as actions.

Violence is the last resort of the unplanned.


… Hiding the truth, no matter what the reason, is still hiding the truth. …

Sometimes the structure of the answer reveals more than the actual answer itself.

Nothing is completely true, yet there is some truth in everything!

Listen to all, but do not believe all.
See everything, but do not believe everything.
Nothing is an absolute truth.
Nothing is an absolute lie.

I believe what is right and wrong is impressed in our hearts, not on the lips of others.

If you and another person are doing what you feel is in the best interest of all, and those views conflict with each other, you could both have good intentions and be doing the best for all. …

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the truth matters not, but what is believed.

Sometimes we will not recognize the truth
… not like the truth
… not accept it. Nevertheless, the truth is the truth.

How chilling the truth can be.

Listen with your ear and hear with your heart.

I believe what I see. However, even I, at times, do not want to believe what I see.

I find that which cannot be explained must not be dismissed.
… simply erasing a denominator does not balance the equation, nor is it conducive to the search for the answer.

People exist in what they know, often in a universe of non-existence.

Is what we feel real or delusions we wish to accept to promote ourselves?

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