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Exostentialism (Ex-os-ten-tial-ism) and exostentialist (Ex-os-ten-tial-ist) are terms that I coined many years ago while living in Seattle, Washington in the United States of America. Exostentialism is not to be confused with existentialism. While exostentialism may agree with some of the doctrines of existentialism, it does not agree with them all. It disagrees particularly with some of the more egotistical aspects. …

… I believe society is an underlying, constant force in human nature and natural to the universe:
… I believe society is natural and can be seen even biologically within our own bodies. The individual cell dividing to become two completely separate cells, and continuing to divide for the goal of becoming something with capabilities beyond those of a single cell, is proof that society is natural.
… The existentialist can believe that humans exist first, and then the individual spends a lifetime changing their essence or nature. The exostentialist sees society existing first, before the individual,
… We spend our lifetime affecting a society somehow, and it in turn affects us. …

… I believe freewill and freedom of choices and options are important and vital to the human being. But unlike some existentialists, I do not agree with the assumption that people are entirety free.
… We are constrained in the sense that we do not have unlimited choices or options to choose from. There is an eventual limit to the choices and options available to us.
… Our limitations, in the sense of our not having unlimited choices to choose from, do not negate the fact that we must accept responsibility for what we choose from the choices we do have and the results therefrom. We must accept personal responsibility for choosing from our choices and options, for the consequences of the decisions we make, for our actions and inactions and their results, and for the extenuating circumstances that arise from all these things for ourselves and others.
… I also take issue with the belief of the individual being at their best when being forced to choose, which is held by some existentialists.
… Sometimes, being forced to choose clouds judgment and results in rash decisions. Plus, we must not forget that being forced to choose is itself a reduction in freedom. …

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